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Albert Einstein wrote, "Space and time are modes by which we think, not conditions under which we live."

Well, Relatime is just another way to think of time - by adding space to it.

When we discovered this new way to display hours and their relative minutes, it was as if we'd discovered a whole new world of design and feeling.

By reconnecting the movement of the two indicators, the Relatime approach creates fluid and meaningful compositions that constantly evolve and repeat, hour after hour, making works of kinetic art.

Just look at the surfaces their relationship creates, and let time make the ensuing shape move and shimmer. The result is a smooth, simple and beautiful way to tell the time - the relative time.

"The way you send a message changes the message."

See how to read Relatime in practice.

Go to the vision section of our blog in order to learn more in our notes.

Relatime was born as a concept for real watches, and a complete study of the technical feasibility of a Relatime watch mechanism has led to the development of a '13/12' movement, and the production of ten fully working prototypes and 100 mechanisms by the watchmaking company Technotime. In order to protect the concept, an international patent was registered by the law firm Bredema.

We decided last year to bring the concept to all digital devices, and to create the first 'multi-platform' watch for PCs, blogs, websites, cell phones, PDAs and so on - to share our passion with as many people as possible.

Marc F.   mf(@)
Relatime's founder. Marc invented the Relatime concept and launched it on this site. His aim is to let you make your own Relatime watch for all your needs. Coming soon: more skins, more platforms.

Xavier F.   xf(@)
Elite communication consultant. The first to think of adding a countdown function. His dream is to put space into time.

Pierre B.   pb(@)
IP attorney and Relatime's protective shield. He drew up the international patent paperwork for our brands and models. More on his blog.

A design company that creates compelling products through new technology. Troika designed the site and the current Relatime watch models and countdowns. Visit for more information.

Dirar B.   db(@)
Our web developer and architect. He is a Java and Ajax addict and developed this site with the web and desktop watch engines.

Ludovic B.   lb(@)
A great Flash developer who built our Flash toys and engines from the ground up.

Cédric R., Chloe B., Denys C., Emilie F., Emmanuel K., Emmanuel S., Erwan M., Farid O., Guillaume D., Harry G., Laurent D., Olivier T., Richard C., Sébastien G., Simon C., Thomas P., Tommaso B. & Valeria C. gave a great deal of their time and expertise to make Relatime a reality.